840 (EightForty) Token


What is 840?

The Problem we solved

As if this were not enough, the platform will incorporate the best content of other porn providers and dating apps. We will combine them to offer the user a unique experience.

Our Mission

How do we intend to achieve it? Through our innovative platform that will connect users with the girls, while both remaining anonymous. Therefore, our platform will benefit both the user and the service provider.

$840 Token Value


8Forty Token Distribution

Detailed token distribution

The total supply of 840 tokens is 100,000,000, and are distributed as follows:

72,331,226 (72.33%) of the tokens are reserved for the public presale (liquidity locked forever on DxSale).

7,200,000 (7.2%) tokens will be locked on DxSale for3 months, and they will be used to add liquidity on other decentralized exchanges different than PancakeSwap. Locked tokens at DxSale:


3,179,520 (3.180%) of the tokens will be used for Marketing strategies, and they will be also locked on DxSale for 5 months. Locked tokens at DxSale:


2,000,000 (2%) tokens are intended for Airdrop.

We allocated 3,000,000 (3%) tokens for our collaborating girls.

2,289,254 (2.289%) tokens are reserved for the team (locked on DxSale until 1st December 2021). Locked tokens at DxSale:

https://dxsale.app/app/pages/dxlockviewid=3&add=0xDD42DD1ef3cBcf2eaD2FeEB3293e4ceD730 2Ded7&type=tokenlock&chain=BSC \

Finally 10,000,000 (10%) tokens are already burned. Transaction-Hash:


Please note that in order to be able to verify locked tokens in DxSale app, you must connect your Metamask Wallet in the platform.


TELEGRAM: https://t.me/Eight40

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/840cam

REDDIT: https://www.reddit.com/user/840-EightForty

GITHUB: https://github.com/840-EightForty

MEDIUM: https://8fortycam.medium.com/



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8 40

EightForty is the world’s first blockchain-based adult content platform on Binance Chain network, working with fully decentralized and smart contracts.